July 2-6th, 2023What a Teacher

Intensive teacher training for Swing dance educators

July 2-6th, 2023What a Teacher

Intensive teacher training for Swing dance educators

July 2-6th, 2023What a Teacher

Intensive teacher training for Swing dance educators

Time to connect pedagogy, culture and dance, explore ways to implement the values of African American art form of Jazz.

Opportunity to meet and discuss key topics on the flourishment of the swing dance scene.

Space for exchanging, learning and networking during classes and discussion sessions.

What a Teacher is part of the Swinging Europe Network project which is co-funded by European Union.

SCHEDULE (preliminary)

JULY 2nd:
15:00-18:00 Class
20:00 Welcome dinner & drinks

JULY 3, 4, 5th:
11:00 – 13:00 Class
13:00 – 15:00 Open space for practice
15:00 – 17:00 Class
19:00 – 20:15 Teaching practice



Elzė Višnevskytė
Eglė Nemickaitė
Arnas Razgūnas



This week is dedicated to people who just started teaching as well as experienced teachers. However we trust that your swing dancing is at least on an intermediate/advanced level and you are continuously expanding your knowledge in African American Vernacular Jazz.

After the week of training together you are invited to join us for our annual What a Jazz summer camp – StoNykla – for parties and classes at the Lithuanian countryside.





    Make sure you enter your correct email address. Check your Spam/Junk just in case – you should receive an auto-notification after completing the registration form.

    If you are signing up for classes and have a partner:

    • specify your partner’s first and last name in the comments;
    • your partner must also register;
    • wait for an additional email from us about the classes/workshop, payments and general procedures – we should do this a couple of days before the start of the classes.

    If you are registering for classes without a partner:

    • encourage your acquaintance to register together;
    • wait until we find a partner for you – we will notify you in a separate email or call.

    If you have any questions, write to us at welcome@whatajazz.lt


    Most Swing Dances are partner dances in which one is the “leader” and the other is the “follower”. There is no difference in who chooses which role – both men and women can lead and follow and even switch. When you start taking classes, you need to choose one role that you will basically dance all the time, although there will be times when we will change roles.


    It is necessary that you change your outdoor shoes when you come to class. Also when you come to social dances, if they take place in the studio.

    Comfortable footwear – casual shoes, loafers or boots with leather soles. We always recommend shoes with a more slippery sole – not too much, but so that there is not too much load on the knees and ankles from non-slip or even sticky shoes.

    You can always ask the teachers what they wear to dance and what they recommend.


    It is important that it is comfortable and that the clothes are not too restrictive, but – the dance floor is not a gym (especially during parties), some classes are more intense than others and the people you dance with should be “comfortable” with your outfit too. It’s a good idea to have an extra shirt to change into after class or especially at parties.


    Come to class at least 15 minutes early to get ready – change, warm up, get to know each other, chat and enjoy the good time.

    During the classes, listen to the instructions of the teachers and always ask if you have questions. Don’t tell other dancers how to do what, leave that work to the teachers.

    We change partners during the classes.

    Allow time to cool down after class, but make room for new arrivals in time.


    Our activities are very sensitive to the effects of the pandemic and quarantine, so please assess your ability to dance and be close to other people. Protect not only your health, but also the health of others.

    You decide for yourself whether you switch partners in the class – if you don’t, the clear decision must remain throughout the class.

    If it happens that you cannot participate in the lesson due to Covid-19, please inform the teachers or welcome@whatajazz.lt


    By participating in classes and events organized by What a Jazz, you are familiar with and agree to our terms, conditions and safe space guidelines.

    Also, check our frequently asked questions (eg. shoes, clothes).


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