November 25–26th, 2022WHAT A GROOVE

Afro Cuban • New Jack Swing • House

November 25–26th, 2022WHAT A GROOVE

What a groovy adventure to experience Afro Cuban, New Jack Swing and House dance with three top-notch dancers and a hot all-styles dance party on Saturday night!

Dance classes on Friday and Saturday, dance party on Saturday:

18:30–20:00 Afro Cuban

13:00–14:30 New Jack Swing
15:00–16:30 House
20:00–00:00 Dance Party

Please come ~30min before your class to find us, change and get ready.
There will be a panel talk with the teachers in the beginning of the dance party.


One class (90min) – €20
Three classes (3x90min) – €45
Party – €10
Full Pass (all classes + party) – €50


Agnė Saikauskaitė


Hubert Lagin


Marius Arni



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Afro Cuban dancing traditions came out of the African religion known as Yoruba, which West Africans continued to practice in Cuba after they were enslaved and forced to work on the island. People believe that there are many different expressions of God called Orishas. Each Orisha symbolizes a different part of life, each of them has unique movements, dancing technique, appearance, music, character and even tool. Afro Cuban class is for everyone, who want to take their body control to the next level. In this class you will get to know a little about Afro Cuban culture and dances based on the Yoruba religion. This is a great opportunity for those who want to get out of their comfort zone and give their movements more freedom, control and character.

New Jack Swing, new jack, or swingbeat is a fusion genre of the rhythms and production techniques of hip hop and dance-pop, and the urban contemporary sound of R&B. Spearheaded by producers Teddy Riley and Bernard Belle, New Jack Swing was most popular from the late-1980s to early-1990s. Its influence, along with hip hop, seeped into pop culture.

House dance is a freestyle street dance and social dance that has roots in the underground house music scene of Chicago and New York. It is typically danced to loud and bass-heavy electronic dance music provided by DJs in nightclubs or at raves. House dance is often improvised and emphasizes fast and complex foot-oriented steps combined with fluid movements in the torso, as well as floor work. There is an emphasis on the subtle rhythms and riffs of the music, and the footwork follows them closely.


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