Summer Workshops – intense theme classes every week
When: From Monday to Thursday 18:30–19:45
Where: What a Jazz dance studio
Price: €12 – one class, €40 – one course, €55 – two courses, €66,6 – unlimited

Summer workshops:

June 17-20:
18:30-19:45 SLOW DANCE with Kristina
June 24-27:
18:30-19:45 BIG APPLE CHOREO with Simona
July 8-11:
18:30-19:45 LINDY HOP ELEF with Simona and Justa
July 22-25:
18:30-19:45 LINDY FLASH MOVES with Justa and Luke
August 5-8:
18:30-19:45 RHYTHMICALITY with Kristina

SLOW DANCE: we will learn how to move to slow, sensual jazz/blues music, how to apply basic steps and enjoy such music. We will dance SOLO, the level is OPEN, it is recommended to come with high heels.
BIG APPLE CHOREO: Big Apple is one of those iconic, classic choreographies that is danced by jazz dancers all over the world. Paying it means having the key to a “flashmob” reminiscent of one of the most fun experiences on the dance floor, because after hearing the “Big Apple contest” song, everyone knows what to do – run to the field to perform exactly this choreography. SOLO, OPEN level.
LINDY HOP ELEF: everybody leads everybody follows, we will learn the basics of dancing in both roles so that we can dance with everybody everywhere and always. OPEN level.
LINDY FLASH MOVES: complex and creative movements and variations for those already dancing. Level – ADVANCED.
RHYTHMICALITY: the basics of rhythmicity and musicality, we will make a lot of sounds, rhythms and claps, we will get to know jazz scat’ing. We will dance SOLO, the level is OPEN.

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